In the end, history will judge who was right and true.


A Lullaby for the Sorrowful Mystery is a 6-hour film that revolves around the desperate and harrowing thirty-day search of Andres Bonifacio’s widow, Gregoria de Jesus, to find his lost body in the mountains. Andres Bonifacio is the Father of Philippine Revolution.


The film is about the controversial death of Andres Bonifacio, Supreme Leader of the activist group, Katipunan, and founder of Philippine Revolution against Spain. It was May 9, 1897, the day that Bonifacio was charged with punishment by death. Rival revolutionaries executed him and his body has never been found.

The film revolves around the desperate and harrowing thirty-day search of Bonifacio’s widow, Gregoria de Jesus, to find Andres' body in the mountains. Despite being sick, hungry, angry, lonely, and nearly mad, she searches for the truth behind her husband’s death.

The film uncovers four versions of Bonifacio’s execution story — General Lazaro Macapagal's, one soldier's, a farmer's and a fortune-teller's. The stories are replete with fact, fiction, trues, lies, and even myths — in Philippine tradition, there are even talks about centaur's blood and Bernardo di Caprio's legend poisoning Bonifacio.

This is because the execution of Bonifacio remains a big debacle in the Filipino people's search for the truth. The truth has never been resolved; the killers are even heralded as national heroes. But not a proper burial was given to Andres Bonifacio.


It is said that it is perilous to argue about historical details. It is also said that it is more perilous to correct any distortions made on historical events. But that it is most perilous of all to turn one’s back to the truth behind these events.

There is an endless discourse about the truth of Andres Bonifacio’s death, oftentimes bitter, vicious, ambiguous, tiring and resigned. Discussions often lead to bloody results. Fear reigns nowadays, an enduring cowardice. But to yearn for freedom is not an illusion. There are only conquerors and the conquered, abusers and the abused. It is our obligation to free our motherland from those who do not own it because history remembers.

My attempt is to bring the truth out to the nation, the truth that people deserve, even if it means going against what has been taught as the 'right history'. I only hope that this rebellion could mean something for the country.

— Lav Diaz